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Summwhere 05:06
A broom can sweep away the dust, let dreams of magic, dances, and lust pilgrims will reach Muxima and sing. Ice cold to death while it should beat, evil eye, witchcraft, a quick retreat into the darkest shelters men can reach, freedom they dance and sing into the fray. And they bite their sorrow while chatter their teeth Could they stop to hope? Languishing sighs. Could they stop to hope? And they bite their sorrow while chatter their teeth. Never relinquish to love, to rights and warmth being in the gap between the chasm and stars. ’Cos It’s summer somewhere, it is waiting for a flair, “ocho adelante” with a sweeping mate. ’Cos It’s summer somewhere, a spot to refresh oneself, we’re all the while between two breaths. While the iron city smokes in the cold buried in the snow or in bitter words, Languishing sighs hugging a picture praying for redemption or revenge or love. ’Cos it’s summer somewhere, it is waiting for a flair “ocho adelante” with a sweeping mate. ’Cos it’s summer somewhere, a spot to refresh oneself, we’re all the while between two breaths.
Sumac Said 04:28
«You might have to walk in front I would follow you I know your step I could always give a lead. You might have to walk behind To eat the crumbs I left on the way, Will we ever get back home? How could we? And the way we should then take? But don’t you ever walk beside and the reason, it serves you right, how can I mingle with you? Sumac said, she said the truth ».
The first one has the voice and sings the night away the second is shady with his busy gravy train, you read aloud your rule, you got it back to front. Jump down the rabbit hole and see you find them free. The second last to count, to count them differently, has a sleazy habit to look up skirts and flee away from those maternal folds no one comes back to where he’s from. You'd better find a place in here, some seats are booked but some are free. I may as well show what is left Jump down the rabbit hole and see you find them free with their boots or sandals, they hit the ground of winding paths and stages, as most of them are acting very strange and the rest just clap or hiss.
Che Boludo 03:41
¡Che, che boludo! Vos sos un falso pampero. ¡Che, che boludo! Te dejo sognar la Boca. Nada es igual, nada es igual a tu sueño. ¡Che, che boludo! ¡Che, che boludo! ¡Che, che boludo! Vos quieres bucear. ¡Che, che boludo! En la Plata, en el mar. Vos crees en el Rio de l’Immortalidad. ¡Che, che boludo! ¡Che, che boludo! ¡Che, che boludo! New York is closer than us ¡Che, che boludo! You’ll find tangeros and jazz. Aussi à Paris, tu peux danser de milongas. ¡Bye Bye, boludo! ¡Aurevoir, boludo! Che, che boludo, yo te quiero bien Che, che boludo, sabes todo de Baires Todo y nada, vos os un tano special. ¡Che, che boludo! ¡Che, che boludo! ¿Qué pasa Baires? ¿Qué pasa Baires?
Not the best day to shout but tomorrow we’ll be repentant comfortably high above the clouds if it were normal to fly this is the best day to keep your secret dragged down in the grave cos this is the time when the most people die and the less survive. oh, release me from the itch on the back of my knee I am stuck and the seatbelt sign is on, make your Valentine, scratching on and on ’till the turbulence is gone. They say don’t mind it’s short but I will have to suffer one more day every fourth year it just comes stretching in vain my love pang. Oh, release me from the end of this love if it ends or convince me that love survives our tiny little hearts packed and stuffed in a blue carry-on moving on ’till the page is turned it’s a new day’s dawn oh, release me from the itch on my knee make your Valentine, scratching on and on ’till the turbulence is gone.
Lancashire 06:58
I might be moving to Lancashire as soon as I set the clock to Greenwich as soon as I say farewell, goodbye no matter how’s the weather here no matter what’s the deal the chilly wind is waiting for me. I might as well take a flight to you far as a pen for the fool the landing strip would be short, the plane would roll away better to follow my pitch going where my mind would rest by the hills. My life would flow without shakes, pork pies, black pudding all day, my tan will fade in the misty rain because I’m leaving for Lancashire, leaving for Lancashire, Moving to Lancashire where the chilly wind blows and take off all the buzz out of my ears. To be upstanding and hang your head not to be and cowardly escape, I might as well fly to Lancashire planning to come back then like saying I’ll quit one day better than going nowhere, I will leave, I won’t leave.
Daybreak 04:51
Leaving the room before day breaks and wakes up my love, she could realize I’ve lost some hair and I’m getting old hiding my eyes with sunglasses but it’s still dark turn on the car radio to shut up the other cars. All my first calls and mails are cold I can’t tell the truth. How could I admit I was wrong and hiding the guilt? The fortune teller on the web says everything is right. Here’s something I could tell the friends tonight. How could I refrain from showing the dark side of things? but I hear the waves and I see the frames and I cut and paste while reality stands there alone I just reassemble it with some remorse I don’t say "yes" for "no", I forget to say all I know. How I could tell the old lady her sister is gone while she shines thinking of them together and what they’ve done. And when I go back to my love, it’s night, she’s in bed she won’t tell me she’s sick and won’t survive the cure or that she’s killed someone the day before she promised her love. How could I refrain from showing the dark side of things? but I hear the waves and I see the frames and I cut and paste while reality stands there alone I just reassemble it with some remorse I don’t say "yes" for "no", I forget to say all I know.
Here it comes from the motor lodge, travel pursuits Verne Around the world, like a jellyfish he slides to the parking lot, traces of ash and a sulphuric breath of air, is he hiding something? Central station, backpacking mates find the destination, turn around and jump on lost and found suitcases: laughter is good when you are in your sixteens. Sister Moon hides her face, scrambling in the shadows of her best mistakes, a bowl of gas and fire in a crispy jumble shell it’s what she follows, oblivious of her fate: who’ll be the first to blow up? "What a lighter, three times big, buy one on the spot: what a flame, light again, watch out on your back" no time to see the falling. The lighter blew well… and lit the blue suitcase, an exceptional firework no one could tell no more. Except Moon, just in time to change her route for the sunny side. The traveller reaches his registered office in hell: “Devil’s lighters” says the sign on the front door. “Without heavy luggage next time I’ll be away.”
What Is Left 03:39
When the boredom just takes over I wonder what is left and plunder fridge and kitchen and the night shades are mere shadows and darkness is just a shade of grey. After midnight I’m still kicking not sure I’m still alive, a phantom limb is shaking and the short cut is so long I just wonder what’s left to run tonight. I can’t tell if it’s my mind or it’s all that is around that sounds so psychobabble and the outline of your presence is what’s left and the rest will come again. Shrugging off my new dress and the rest will come again may it be moves and words of glass and nothing to bless. When I wake up in a middle of a non-expected dream, I wonder if I’m raving while the dust piles on the right side of my bed show only who has left. Maybe later or tomorrow the will is going to come again, to make its order now it’s hostile.
Instrumental 01:39
Wake up and find out the choices have been made you landed forward no need to be brave just stepped outside the groove is at the door you started funking out, but the groove is even more. Like a saint in the city, the strategy is loose you’re in the new world darling you just dance you just groove. Urging, baby, the blood in your toes, jumping daisy chain and a fly on your nose, don’t turn back darling they’re brushing away all, some cracks remain, it’s life after all. Orpheus run, run! Your in is your out now, you’ve reached, at last, the future it is here, it is now. Confident boy. The balance of your life, make it after death, just do the new world, don’t be your own threat. Confident boy.
If there’s a beginning, sure, there won’t be an end, even when we’ll be apart, you cannot break ties made with the line between our eyes, you talk about future as if we’d not be those who mould it every day, the new Cassandra’s plasma screen forecasting thunder and lightning days, don’t give up - all the strength you need is to dip another sugar spoon in the mug and turn till the coffee is sweet the way I like it. There’s no return just because there’s no leaving, we cannot be apart, the threat is going to melt away the foolish worry dies down, blow your nose sweety, darling, we cannot break the tie and we won’t. With our beginning, there’s no end, flocks may take a rest but we’re black sheep, pulling the rope - we only tighten the tie we’d made. Turn off your “Ominouspedia”, you find nothing about us, I am the deafest composer who can cry, cry out your rage and his love, with no constraints, pure and free my voice vibrates on your silky skin blowing away your old ghosts and those sad weak certainties. With our beginning, there’s no end, flocks may take a rest but we’re black ship. Pulling the rope, we only tighten the tie we’ve made. Distance is nothing when flesh changes its vowel into blaze. Coarse salt will cure our wounds while leaving its grooves and traces. Here’s a new beginning, wrinkles can show the path straight to your thirsty lips, a kiss can mark the break between my shallow breath, watching or listening, feeling imagining there is only us, the future crowds and hordes of any age, they may defeat themselves with rage, nothing can break the tie we have made, not even us.
28IF 00:49


An intriguing journey through ucronia and "what if", in search for the critical choice and your true self.


released November 26, 2021

Written, arranged, played, and produced by Nanaue (Emiliano Deferrari and Matteo Nahum) in different places between Italy (Genoa, Rome, Tortona), Spain (Valencia) and Belgium (Brussels).
Woodwinds recorded at Elefante Media Estudio (Valencia) by Pablo G. Schuller assisted by Carles Rodenas Martínez.
Brass recorded at Orange Studio (Samassi - Cagliari) by Simone Frau.
Drums recorded at Green Hill Studio (Rome) by Simone Asilo.
Mixed at The Little Kitchen Studio (Valencia) by Matteo Nahum.
Mastered at Schuller Sound (Valencia) by Pablo G. Schuller.
Cover photo by Geert De Taeye.
Portrait photos by Enrica Laneri and Miguel Esteller Nadal.
Artwork by Paco Company (Estudio Ítaca, Valencia).

Emiliano Deferrari: vocals, guitars, bass
Matteo Nahum: guitars, piano keys, programming, choirs
Alessandro Inolti: drums
Daniele Pinceti: bass
Marco Machera: bass
Laura Navarro: violin
Stefano Cabrera: cello
Magdalena Martinez Marco: flute
Ana Rivera Aguirre: english horn
Alba González Ruiz: bassoon
Cecilio Vilar Alpuente: clarinet
Elisa Montaldo: piano
Maurizio Floris: alto and bass saxophone
Emanuele Contis: tenor saxophone
Adriano Sarais: trumpet
Christian Marras: bass

Nanaue gives thanks for the blessing of Music, the truthfulness of Art and Life as their fertile carrier. It took nearly 11 years from imagining the first song to writing these final notes. This record has been written in different places and times and came to fruition with the support of many people who are an essential part of our lives. Nanaue wants to thank all of them (you know who you are!) and all the musicians, technicians, family members and friends who put their heart in this record with us. Special thanks go to Daniele Pinceti, Simone Asilo, Alessandro Inolti, Marco Machera (our third ears) and to Bruno Cimenti. Very special thanks to Claïs Lemmens.


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Nanaue is: freedom of writing, creativity, anachronistic passion for story telling, perfect marriage between free inspiration, sweat of performance and formal research.
In 2 words ART ROCK made by Matteo Nahum and Emiliano Deferrari, both experienced multi-instrumentalists coming from many solo works and the most different artistic collaborations between music, dance, theatre and visual art.
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