Christmas with Nanaue .​.​.​work in progress compilation!

by Nanaue

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I will be out for Christmas this year I cannot waste time in the kitchen A pair of moon boots fake fur lining and my gloves will do. I will be out at Christmas' because I'm not entitled to love receiving your warmth may cause relentless damage and I would not be better off. I'll be away and out in the dark freezing coughing against the wet wind and the mourn of tired caribous flying with me will release me from pain and from sin. Up above the highest heights and beyond the storm recruiting the stars in the vault shaking the broomstick to speed up and override all. I will be out for Christmas this years and cheers of the innocent choirs just pick up the the moon if it possibly appears through the fog, satellites and wires. Leave me some candies, cakes and the like eventually I won't be late to cuddle the dream of our children and the late debate.
Tinsel Rag 04:30
TINSEL RAG Ok, start, it's a challenge you may laugh but I'll makeup the biggest tree it's a drag, but I'll check the world it's waiste to make it live. Silver baubles from China sparkly tinsel from Tinseltown brick a brack, knick knack toy, memento, souvenir and bagatelle retrò reindeers hanging on the higest branches of my tree. For the joy of my baby, to make order in universe almond shaped little eyes, lotus blossoms, walnut shells and tangerines, ginger cookies, biggest cackes and smallest sorrows on the tree. There is place on those little strands, we should fill the tree's emptiness, we build highways and let things pass, doppler effect and desert grass, I collect everything to see, all the universe on my tree. Little monsters of coloured tin, ride on the thin strands of my tree, like a bobby in the street, I can guide the traffic, even planes and ships the gulf stream helps me out in finding northern places to land. The space ships of my little babe reunite all the stars of the way and all coffees and all silks, every road just takes us to my silver fir, cats and dogs and all animals on the Noha's tree. All the Babel's languages, I don't panic no controverses got my plan written in my head, I can build what I cannot get like all rythms from all the world, heart beats, earth beats... Collect everything on my tree...
White Frame 04:09


This is a work in progress compilation of all Christmas songs by Nanaue. As you are get used to, every year Nanaue presents a new song to celebrate the winter holidays and to wish everybody a great new year. Every year the compilation will grow of (at least) one song, but in the meanwhile you have the chance to listen to all songs up to date in the same page, and to purchase them all together in one step. You can even send them as a present! Think about it! Merry Christmas! …and enjoy the artwork of Bruna Chiarle!


released December 22, 2015

Recorded between 2011 and 2014 by Matteo Nahum and Emiliano Deferrari.
Artwork by Bruna Chiarle.


all rights reserved




Nanaue is: freedom of writing, creativity, anachronistic passion for story telling, perfect marriage between free inspiration, sweat of performance and formal research.
In 2 words ART ROCK made by Matteo Nahum and Emiliano Deferrari, both experienced multi-instrumentalists coming from many solo works and the most different artistic collaborations between music, dance, theatre and visual art.
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